Thursday, December 11, 2008

Looking Back on the Semester

This class, EDU 255, has taught me many new things and gave me resources and tips that I can carry on with throughout the rest of my education and into my teaching. In the class I learned a lot by watching my peers teach; picked up on some things that worked really well and saw things not to do while teaching. This class also introduced to new technology for example this blog and google docs. When I first started to do this blog, all I knew how to do was to post a blog. Now I can insert a picture and link to a website. This blog was fun to do, after I got teaching for the day, I would tell people that I could not wait till I went and blogged about how it went. Overall this semester has been a buys with classes, lacrosse and rehabbing my knee and trying to posts blog. I should have posted more blogs, but this whole idea of opening yourself up to the Internet was hard for me to accept. I think I might continue to use this blog as I go on in my education, about my observing hours for 256 as well as maybe updates on my lacrosse season. One more test to go and I am on break!!!!

Happy Holidays!!!!

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