Monday, October 27, 2008

Hurling Day 2

Today was the second time that I taught a mini lesson on hurling. I think that this time around went a lot better then the first time. I felt better prepared and had more of an idea of what I was doing. There are still some aspects of teaching that I need to work on. Each little lesson I teach I learn more things about teaching that I had never thought to do before or needed to be done. I feel like I am a little stressed out teaching, just making sure that I am including everything that I need to include, but at the same time I am enjoying myself. Next time around I hope to improve a little more. From my transcript, this time around I said like a lot, which is not a good thing and there were still some parts that I could not fully understand what I was saying. My time management was all right. I was close to having 50% of activity time. The feedback that I gave back to my students was I think could have been better. I gave feedback to about half the class, but gave more feedback to girls than the guys.

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Hurling Day 1

Today I taught hurling (the national sport of Ireland) and it should could have gone better. I did some aspects of teaching well but lacked in other areas. I think I was nervous because I know I left somethings out that I wanted to say and sometimes rushed things. I know I left out some important aspects like introducing myself and checking for understand. Checking for understanding is a big aspect that I should have not missed. From this experience I hope that I learn from my mistakes. I think I should have been more prepared than what I was. Next time I teach I will know to prepare myslef better and make sure I hit all or as many componets of teaching that I can.

Monday, October 13, 2008

Feedback Analysis

After analyzing the feedback I gave for my lesson on catching a Frisbee I learned a lot. At first when I was giving feedback I was not using the student's name, I would just say good job. Most of my feedback had to do with the skill and the cues that I gave. I did not have any behavior or congruent feedback, but I did have some general. I realized that sometimes I should add more to my feedback then just a good job. I should be more specific and really look at what the student is doing. I only gave feedback to eight students and of those eight four were males and four were females. I also did two people feedback twice. Giving feedback is a lot harder than I thought it would be.

Listening to Myself Teach

I had to listen to an audio transmit of myself teaching a lesson and then write down everything I said. I had to what down every and, like, um and ah I said. I surprised myself because I did not have have a lot of those words. The one word that I used quite often was "so". I also noticed that I need to improve my feedback; for every student I gave feedback to, I said "Good Job". It got very repetitive. I think that my voice was strong and loud enough. There were some instances where I was not very clear, I did not even know what I was saying. It is so weird listening to yourself speak, I am going have to get use to it.