Monday, November 10, 2008

Lab D: Ice Skating

Today, I taught lab D, which was ice skating out in the ice rink. I taught forward skating, one of the basic forms of skating. I think today went okay. I have decided that I am going to have to use note cards while I am teaching because I always forget to do something or mention something that is in my lesson plan. It was different teaching ice skating because the class took place in a different environment. It also opened my eyes up to the different levels in classes. Some students were pros at skating while others were very hesitant and nervous on the ice. I continue do learn more things about teaching as I teach more and more. I just have to keep practicing and learn from my previous teaching experiences. After listening to myself teach and completing my transcript of the lesson, I found that I mix my words up a lot. I say sentences that do not make sense, or use the wrong word. I think I need to really think about what I am going to say before I say. For just about every sentence I said, I started it with so. I need to improve on not saying so, and just being more clear about everything. My feedback for this lesson was not that great. I gave out a lot more general feedback then anything. I also paid more attention to the students that had a harder time doing the skill. I think one of the reasons why I did not give much feedback is because I was not very familiar with ice-skating and did not know really what to say to the students. My time management during this lesson was not that bad. I think I should have had more activity for the students to do. I need to talk less too. Half my lesson goes to giving out instructions to the students.

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